Important Canadian Business Directory Submission Guidelines

Gain more exposure for your brand by listing your website on The Canadian Web Directory! A business directory, also known as a web directory, is an online list of websites or businesses that consumers access to find products and services. It’s more efficient than a phonebook and helps companies improve their overall visibility on the web.

To ensure the quality of our Canadian business directory, we may delete submissions that violate the policies laid out below. Please make sure that your website is upholding standards.

1. Refusal Of Unacceptable Websites/Content

Here are some examples of sites that we will decline.

  • Website with adult or related content.
  • Sites that are still under construction.
  • Illegal websites containing copyrighted material, violence, fraud, racism etc.
  • Do not submit mirror sites or websites with duplicate content but different domain names.
  • Please use the top-level domain, don’t submit subdomains.
  • Only Canadian websites or companies will be listed in the Web Directory.
  • Make sure that you choose the right Province or if you serve customers nationally, then select the ‘General’ category. We’ll appropriately categorize your site based on industry.
  • Sites with plenty of popups will not be listed.

2. How To Submit

To submit your website to The Canadian business directory, simply click ‘Create A Listing’ to get started, which is located right after the banner or hero image on every web page.

3. Important Notes For Submitting Your Site

Your website description needs to be of high quality and unique. Minimum of 65 words or more is required. If you want to get the best results out of your business listing, we recommend 300 words or more for your organization’s description.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.